Our Fees and Payment Methods

We accept most of the major credit cards.  We also accept PayPal via link on this page.

Our fees are not contingent on the results of our services. Rather, our fees, including tax planning, preparation of your returns, and any representation of your interests during an examination by a taxing authority and/or any subsequent appeal, will be based on our standard rates of $90 (dependent students) per hour to $250 per hour, depending on the level of expertise necessary in completing the engagement, and/or a rate per documents included in the tax returns.

Bundle fee is available with unlimited year-round consultations and assistance.  Tax preparation fee includes one meeting with a tax advisor either in person or by phone/E-mail, a very popular exit interview and an off season follow-up to prepare for the upcoming tax season.

We offer a complimentary phone consultation up to 10 minutes to new customers during the month of July through December.

After you are invoiced, you can make payments through PayPal  PayPal Logo